Revisiting the Bauhaus

A design proposal for the public interior of the Bauhaus Museum in Dessau, Germany.

When the Bauhaus Museum opened its doors in the city of Dessau in 2019 the ground level was meant to become an ‘open stage’. A generous space with an open floor plan that allows flexibility and can host a wide range of cultural programmes, while at the same time becoming a new center for the people of Dessau.
The potential of the space, forming almost an axis that connects the city park and the popular shopping mall, was not yet fully realised.

With an intervention, economical in terms of material and effort, Superuse offers to introduce a textile drape hanging from the ceiling throughout the large space. The drape enables the division of space into spaces with varied degrees of intimacy. Together with a complementary series of wooden blocks, the curators of the museum can create zones according to the contemporary programme, from a performance hall with a stage, a kids playground or a large scale exhibition occupying the entire space.

The fabric, as all other materials, is to be harvested locally from the surroundings of Dessau. The harvest and the design go hand in hand and by formulating a clear criteria, we can start harvesting for the materials, while keeping some of the design decisions open to give place to the found materials.

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Toon Verberg

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
Dessau-Roßlau (DE)
Ontwerp uit April 2022
A durable and flexible interiors for museums
Jos de Krieger, Tslil Strauss

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