Dutch Days – Food Regeneration Exhibition

Dutch design-innovations on display for an exhibition in Guangzhou.

Food Regeneration brings the freshest Dutch design-innovations to the table in Guangzhou. Aiming for a positive impact on their environment. The products on show are bridging traditionally separated design disciplines like food, packaging, biochemistry and construction. Natural ingredients are used to grow a product to replace a current polluting one or the product is fit for multiple use and benefit along its lifecycle. Some of them combine both. The presented design approach has been invented in The Netherlands already in the 1960’s but has been neglected in the past decades. Now a young generation of designers understands our environment requires to change our production processes from less polluting into having a positive impact.

The Chinese context is a fertile soil to launch this design approach since China has a history of centuries of symbiotic production, a culture that is currently at peril due to the vast industrialisation and urbanisation. This exhibition is an invitation to collaboratively explore the mutual benefit of both cultures in the development of the circular economy. Of course we could not wish for a better venue to present this food for thought than the Redtory factory, a former food packaging factory in transformation.

Design Concept:
One space presents two different possibilities to show what is collective design. Within the shortest distance from the venue, discover the available waste and think about the way it is reused. Simplify the way you build as much as possible, with the least amount of manpower and material resources to achieve the best results.

Featuring: BlueCity Lab, Emma van der Leest – Unplastic, Lori Goff – Fruitleather, Koen Meerkerk & Hugo Boon – Seedscope, Martijn Stevens – Atelier Luma, Maartje Dros & Eric Klarenbeek – Heineken, John Habraken – SerVies, Iris de Kievith & Annemarie Piscaer – Fairm, Marc Postel – Coffee Based, Siemen Cox & Mark Slegers

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Toon Verberg

Consulate General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou
Guangzhou (CN)
Gerealiseerd in September 2018
Spreading knowledge on regenerative design innovations.
Junyuan Chen, Jan Jongert, Elide Mozzorecchi, Daniele Tanzi, Xiaowei Wu

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