An open plan office landscape, where plants and people come together.

When a company hires and regroups employees, a fixed office plan is proven to be costly, since certain changes can only be achieved by redecorating. Therefore, we combined shared and private spaces under a 7 meters roof. After mapping the site and analyzing the conditions, we proposed an infinite extension of the table into a free space filled with plants.

The first floor is open and flexible, each table has its own electricity and lighting, which invites cross boundary discussion among professionals. In the morning, everyone can use the lockers at the office entrance to store their belongings, before picking a favorite spot to work. No renovation is needed, since no walls are built on this floor.

Our design was controlled within the compressed wooden board standard size of 1.2m by 2.4m, which was directly used for the tabletop without cutting and applied as a modular system for the structures. In this way, we were not only saving energy but also preventing leftover parts, as well as shortening the construction time.

We selected the hollow plastic panels as the wall acoustic from Lvhuan waste storage. Stairs were made of recycled straw board which contains zero formaldehyde.

We placed the quiet and private function on the second floor, for example, meeting rooms, offices for CEO and the accountants. The careful coordinated user flow can adapt to the constant changing situation.
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Toon Verberg

Shenzhen Lvhuan Renewable Resources Co., LTD.
Shenzhen Shi (CN)
Gerealiseerd in Juli 2019
Reuse of hollow plastic panels from Lvhuan waste storage.
Elide Mozzorecchi studio, NANOxARCH
Junyuan Chen, Bowen Zheng, Elide Mozzorecchi

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